Performatorium - Day 4

Performatorium - Day 3

Marilyn Arsem’s The Remains of Memory was a performance for one participant at a time. Set up directly in front of the main window at Dunlop Gallery, Arsem sat at a table working at solving a figural jigsaw puzzle. Next to her on the table, pointed towards an empty chair, sat a book of calendar pages. As each audience member sat with the Arsem, the artist worked on the puzzle while discussing fear of loss about memory and relative understanding of time. 
Being invited to speak quietly and intimately about such vulnerable ideas as the artist's personal fear of memory loss due to her experience mother's disease, despite existing within a public fishbowl, quickly shrunk the space. It was surprising how quiet the moment became. The artist invited the participant's own perceptions on memory, and conversation turned to a question -- can you remember what you were doing on any given day if you close your eyes and randomly point to a day in the…

Performatorium - Day 2